Scottsdale: Eight Reasons to Live in this Great Place

    Scottsdale is a famous travel destination in Arizona and a city loved by its people. Those who are considering living in the desert Southwest should consider Scottsdale. A life in the city promises abundant amenities, from a thriving downtown and waterfront to vibrant outdoor sports and activities. This city of nearly 220,000 is popular for great quality of life and tourist appeal. The following are the main reasons Scottsdale is such a great place to call home.

    Communities are Well-Designed to Improve Life
    Lifestyles in Scottsdale vary by communities and there are many housing options for everybody’s taste. From single-family to condos to custom houses, you can have it all. Also, the city’s residential values are tough to beat. Historically, Scottsdale maintains strong home values.

    Offers a Unique Blend of Western Living
    Scottsdale is surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes and glorious desert. On one side is Phoenix and the McDowell Mountains are on the other. Residents in the city do not need to pick between natural attractions and city living since these are all at their fingertips.

    No Shortage of Things to Do in Scottsdale
    Whether a person is in the mood for country or city, there is always something to do in Scottsdale. Downtown Scottsdale has over 90 restaurants, 320 shops and 80 art galleries which are all elements of its thriving cultural scene. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve, the biggest urban wilderness in the United States, has over 120 miles of recognized trails that sits on a 30,200 acres of land.

    Warm Weather
    Scottsdale enjoys 72 degrees average temperature and over 330 days of sunshine per year. No wonder it has happy residents as they always look forward to great weather.

    Outstanding Dining
    A livability website named Scottsdale as America’s 2nd Foodie City. Its downtown benefits from the restaurant scene’s entrepreneurism with over 790 restaurants in place. Chefs in the city are gaining visibility at places such as New York’s Beard House. Fine dining establishments such as Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, Talavera and Cafe Monarch hold outstanding reputations.

    Dynamic Business Climate
    Scottsdale Airport’s proximity has been helpful in defining the business environment with one of the country’s busiest single runway airports. The surrounding Airpark built a regional center of commerce that employs over 50,000 individuals within the radius which is home to over 2,500 individual businesses.

    It is a Golfer’s Paradise
    In the Scottsdale area, golf is everywhere and can be accessed easily. There is no need for someone to be a member of a country club to enjoy amazing courses. The city has more than 100 courses to select from and a lot of them are day fee courses.

    Easy Commuting
    This is one of the things you will get used to if you live in Scottsdale since there is a smaller amount of traffic to cope with every day. This is another win for the city in comparison to the big cities around the country.

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