Phoenix Real Estate

    Phoenix Real Estate Offers the Best in the Valley of the Sun

    Phoenix is home to around 1.5 million residents making it America’s sixth biggest city. The sunny weather of the city underpins its flourishing tourism and real estate industry. Surrounded by stunning Sonoran desert, the city is the heart of the Valley of the Sun.

    Phoenix homes for sale are among the most desirable in Arizona, though house values in the city are a great value compared to the priciest in the rest of American real estate. However, there is always a perfect home for everybody’s budget and needs in Phoenix.

    About 42 percent of those who live in the Phoenix real estate market are married and 38 percent have families and children.  The city’s median homes is 23 years with 48 percent of such homes owned, 13 percent not occupied and 38 percent rented. The city is neither predominantly white-collar nor blue-collar, but rather having a combination of workforce for both white-collar and blue-collar jobs. As a whole, the city is a terrific place for business owners, office and sales workers, professionals, and service providers. Whether you are interested in purchasing a single family home, a luxury condo or townhouse, you have the opportunity to work with a reputable and licensed top 1% Arizona Realtor who has inside and out knowledge of the realty process.

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