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Cave Creek

Cave Creek is a quaint town in Arizona that has preserved its wild west character so well after more than 100 years. Cave Creek is located high above Phoenix in the foothills of Black Mountain and Elephant Butte in the north part of the Valley, just west of Carefree, which is often considered a sister community. Cave Creek has maintained their genuine western attitude. There are many horse properties, saloons, and rodeo events around the town. Cave Creek is one of the smaller incorporated communities in Maricopa County with a population of about 5,600 people. Cave Creek has a western attitude, but an entrepreneurial spirit. Most of the business around the town are locally owned and operated, you won’t find chain operations here. If you are looking to live in a place away from the urban experience, Cave Creek is your new home! 

"The Town of Cave Creek is named for Cave Creek, the small stream that originates in the hills to the northeast and flows southwesterly for 25 miles before reaching the vicinity of Paradise Valley. The stream derives its name from a high, overhanging bluff along its west bank that forms a wide open-mouthed cavern about two miles north of the present-day Town.” -Cave Creek official website.