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The city of Scottsdale, Arizona is elegant and lively; home to some of Arizona’s best thriving businesses, restaurants, shopping destinations and outdoor activities. With a population of over 236,000 it is one of Arizona’s largest cities, and known for its high-class culture and exciting lifestyle. Scottsdale living has something for everyone! The area is well-known for its luxurious golf-courses, as well as stunning hiking trails and unforgettable desert landscape. Whether it’s a morning hike or Saturday spin class, Scottsdale provides countless opportunities for healthy living. Stop by AJ’s Fine Foods or Trader Joe’s for quality groceries, or take a night on the town and experience some of the finest dining in Arizona! Scottsdale has a thriving arts community, supporting countless galleries and studios, as well as hosting an annual Arts Festival in the heart of the city. For upscale luxury shopping, be sure to visit Scottsdale Fashion Square. Nearby, you can visit Scottsdale Quarter for more shopping and fine dining; and maybe even dinner and a movie and the luxury dine-in Movie Theater! Scottsdale is a unique and thriving city with endless opportunities for community and culture. With such an enriching atmosphere, once you visit Scottsdale you will never want to leave!